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YO'COME Super Soft Toothbrush (12 Pcs Per Pack)


Yo'Come Super Soft Brush is a toothbrush that will clean better than regular toothbrush, with the super soft and thin brush. With a 0.018mm brush thickness Yo'Come Super Soft Brush can clean your teeth and gum at the same time. Super Soft brush is 1.3mm, longer than usual tooth brush and allow you to have a better cleaning experience.

~Smaller brush head for better cleaning of teeth and gum
~Anti-grip handle
~Come with a brush head protective cover

Recommended for:
~ Individual who take care of oral health
~ Adult with sensitive teeth problem
~ Adult with periodontitis

Direction of use:
With twice-daily brushing, Yo'Come Super Soft Toothbrush provides effective cleaning and offers everyday cavity protection.

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