[Staff Purchase] NOBLE開放式護膝(L) KNEE RESCUE OPEN (NOBLE)-L (MAX: 6)

eGreenBeans (Formerly known as PM.Mii)

• Fully adjustable design with built in bone beside the pad provides better compression and supports
• Relieves knee problem
• Ultra-thin material (0.52mm)
• Provides more energy when exercising, running, moving up/down stairs or standing
• Hook and loop closures that adjust for the most comfortable and easy fit
Recommended for:
• Sports-active individuals
• Mountain climbers
• Elderly
• People who experience knee pain problems.
To wear a pair for balanced performance

How to Use:
1. Put the Knee Rescue Pad behind your knee

2. Wrap your knee with the Knee Rescue Pad and stick tight

3. Wrap the small belt over your knee again and stick tight

Sizes: Available in M, L

Packing: 1's

Colours: Black

• Use for knee only
• Do not use this if you have wound or feeling itchy

Expiry date


Sorry, this item is only available for staff purchase.