HomeBrown Whole Grain Natural Oat Milk (850g)

HomeBrown Whole Grain Natural Oat Milk

High Calcium, High Fiber, Nutritious

1. The natural oats planted in pure and natural environment contain plentiful nutrients and soluble fiber which supply us essential sustenance every day.

2. Made from natural and premium oats. From oats planting and materials selecting to manufacturing, all the processes have been inspected strictly for best & healthy products. Oats are watered by pure and natural water, grown on soil with nutrients, no pesticides, no heavy metal and no preservatives, which bring you and your family members healthy and reliable sustenance.

3. High in calcium and lactose free which is the best choice for people with lactose intolerance.

4. Oats create a sweet and rich taste. HomeBrown elaborately flavors creamy and savory Whole Grain Natural Oat Milk for you and your family. Both adults and children will love it.

INGREDIENTS : Oat Powder、Vegetable Oil Powder (Glucose syrup
Palm oil)、Soy Powder(non GMO)、Soy Protein、Lecithin、Calcium Carbonate、Job's Tear 、Yeast


WEIGHT : 850g

1.   Add 4~6 teaspoons of Whole Grain Natural Oat Milk into appropriate amount of hot water (200C.C. approximately, 70~90℃) or cold water, mix and stir evenly; you can adjust the amount according to personal preference.
2.   Drink two or three cups every day to complete and balance daily sustenance
3.   The slight sediment is normal when brewing, which is the fiber of natural oats.
4.   You can mix it with soybean milk, milk, oat milk, or cereals to increase the deliciousness.

The manufacture factory obtains ISO22000 & HACCP Certification.
High Quality & Safe Food.

  • 含有红薏仁,孕妇及生理期间避免饮用
  • 高钙、营养均衡、无农药、无人工甘味剂、无防腐剂
  • 经杜夫莱茵检验不含塑化剂.防腐剂.人工甘味剂.三聚氰胺


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