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HomeBrown Black Sesame Powder (500g)

HomeBrown Black Sesame Powder

Enjoy every nutritious drink with your family!

Black Sesame Powder High Calcium Food
High FiberSugar FreeNo Preservative

Pure premium (Non-GMO) black sesame is selected and grinded to retain nutritional values. Black sesame is known to be high in calcium. It is the best for pregnant women, postpartum women and elderly.

This product is sugar free and no artificial flavorings.

INGREDIENTS:  Black sesame


WEIGHT: 500g

STORAGE: Store in a cool & dry place

1. Add 5-10g HOME BROWN 100% black sesame powder in soybean milk, energy soup, or oat milk.
2. Sprinkle 5-10g HOME BROWN 100% black sesame powder on stir-fried vegetables to enhance the taste.
3. Mix 5-10g HOME BROWN 100% black sesame powder with rice, porridge, or noodles, or sandwich to enhance foods’ nutritious.
4. The recommended daily ingestion intake is 30-50g.

  • 原生芝麻品种 低温烘焙
  • 无榨过油的100%全颗粒黑芝麻研磨
  • 天然高钙食品


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