HomeBrown Apricot Kernel Powder with Buckwheat


Original Apricot without blanching
High Fiber, Original without blanching, No Preservatives.

Savory and smooth natural taste.
HOME BROWN selects the best species of apricots, Dragon Apricots. The fresh Dragon Apricot is strong-tasting but not bitter; deep yellow color and luster.

Apricot is a good source of Vitamin E, which is potential to promote health. The High-Fiber of Apricot can improve digestive disorders.
The special ingredient, Golden Buckwheat, also called Roasted buckwheat, is the best source of various minerals, Fe, Se, Zinc, Cr & Co and helpful on digestive system & rising immunity. The nutrient content of Golden Buckwheat is richer than general buckwheat, which is benefit on the regulation of physiology and health care.

Weight : 500g

Ingredients :Apricot, Psyllim Husk, Oat, Buckwheat

Suggested Use :
1. Add 20-30g Home-Brown Apricot Kernel Powder with Buckwheat into appropriate amount of hot water (200C.C. approximately,70-90℃), mix and stir evenly. You can adjust the adding amount according to personal preference.
2. You can mix it with soybean milk, milk, oat milk, or cereals to increase the deliciousness.

The cooperated processing factory has obtained the ISO22000 international certification.
High Quality and Safe Food!

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