[Staff Purchase] HomeBrown Apricot Kernel Powder (MAX: 6)


Original Apricots Selected!
Enjoy every nutritious drink with your family!
Whole Apricots, Smooth and Creamy

HOME BROWN selects high-quality apricot kernels. Roast with low temperature and finely grind to retain the original nutritional value of apricots. Oatmeal is added to enhance rich texture, smooth taste and delicious flavor of apricots kernel powder. Enjoy every nutritious drink with your family.

Ingredients: Apricots, Oatmeal
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Weight: 500g
Preparation Methods:
1. Add 4~6 teaspoons of Apricot Kernel Powder into appropriate amount of hot water (200C.C. approximately, 70~90℃), mix and stir evenly; you can adjust the amount according to personal preference.
2. Mix with soy milk, milk, oat milk or cereals to enhance the flavors.

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