Allertoin® Cream for Kids with 50% OFF Allertoin Intensive Anti-Blemish Serum


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Allertoin® Cream for Kids is a cream for topical use on dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Allertoin® Cream for Kids soothes dry, rough and sensitive skin. It can be used between exacerbations to stabilize the skin barrier and protect the skin against external stress factors. It provides moisture, protects against dehydration and facilitates the regeneration process of sensitive and damaged skin sites.

With its light consistency and non-greasy texture, it leaves a pleasant feel to the skin and absorbed rapidly into the skin. The cream is developed to be very well tolerated even on extremely sensitive skin. Allertoin Cream for Kids is suitable for infants older than one month and for long-term usage. Without steroid, dyes, fragrance, and preservatives. Efficacy clinically proven. Suitable for infants and children.

Package: 50g 

Allertoin® Intensive Face Serum has the powerful formulation unites the natural cell-protection molecule Ectoin and Hyaluronic Acid. Consequently, this is the perfect ingredient combination to obtain a visibly plumper, softer and smoother skin. The incorporated niacinamide, known as Vitamin B3, has a very positive impact on blemished and oily skin. It brings back the natural balance to impure skin. The serum simultaneously promotes a fresh complexion resulting in a healthier and younger-looking skin. The 'High Intense Serum' soothes stressed and tired skin and strengthens the self-defense system of the skin. An essential moisturization is guaranteed without leaving the skin shiny or oily. 

Package: 30ml


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