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• Inspected by TÜV Rheinland Aimex Ltd
• Taiwan Quality Yam Selected
• Low Temperature Roasting
• Suitable For Vegetarian
• High-Fiber / No preservative

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Taiwan Quality Yam Selected

Key Features:

Enjoy every nutritious drink with your family!

Yam: We select the quality yams planted in Taiwan.  Yams are good for health with high nutrients.  The high fiber contained is helpful on digestive system.
Purple Rice: Named Purple Glutinous Rice and Black Glutinous Rice. The Purple Rice has been deemed as the tonic foods for women since time immemorial because of its rich nutrients and unique fragrance.

Yam and Purple Rice Milk Powder is flavored in perfect percentage to create its smooth taste and delicious. The low-temperature roasting process keeps its original quintessence of materials.  It contents with your demand for healthy & relish foods.  Yam and Purple Rice Milk Powder is good to women, elders, children and adults and definitely your best choice for your family.

1. Add 20-30g Yam and Purple Rice Milk Powder into appropriate amount of hot water (200C.C. approximately, and 70-90℃), mix and stir evenly. You can adjust the amount according to personal preference.
2. You can mix it with soybean milk, milk, oat milk, cereals etc. to enhance the deliciousness.
The cooperated processing factory has obtained the ISO22000 International Certification.
The manufacture factory obtains ISO22000 & HACCP Certification.
High Quality and Safe Food.