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  • SensiLacer Toothgel, say NO to sensitive teeth!

Do you love sweet dessert, cold drink or sour food? I guess the answer will be YES for 90% of you, as this kind of food always make us happy and relax. However, consuming these foods means that we have the risk of dental problems if we do not protect our gum and teeth properly. We need to keep our gum and teeth healthy, not only for our own health, but also for a good impression to people who talk face to face with us.

Fortunately, I found SensiLacer, a hot-selling product from the brand Lacer which is a market leader in Spain and have a very good position in many Latin American countries. In more detailed, Lacer is founded in 1949 and it is a Spanish company based in Barcelona with an international scope that specializes in human healthcare. No kidding, my oral care is now getting easy and convenient with SensiLacer by my side.

SensiLacer Toothgel 75ml


SensiLacer is a toothgel targeted for anyone who has gum disease, tooth decay, hard tooth brushing habit, tooth grinding habit (bruxism), inadequate saliva formation, with history of GERD or gastritis, and pregnant woman. With its 3+3 formula, it can effectively relief tooth pain and tackle tooth sensitivity in 4 weeks by providing triple action:

🔶 Block dentinal tubules
🔶 Reduction of nerve impulses

🔶 Remineralization of enamel



The reason SensiLacer is a good toothgel option for better gum and teeth is that it is formulated with three superb ingredients for efficient gum and teeth protection:
💛 Potassium Nitrate: Reducing dental sensitivity
💛 Fluoride: Remineralization of enamel, prevent dental sensitivity, and protecting from decay
💛 Silicon Dioxide Obliterans: Protecting tooth against stimuli that cause tooth sensitivity

Wait no more, let's see how was my impression toward this product! 🔜


[Personal Experience]

In my first impression, SensiLacer toothgel has a strong fresh mint flavour which can help to get rid of bad breath after brushing. I personally think that the effect is long-lasting, I can still feel the fresh breath after a long time and this really helps to improve my personal and work relationships. 

I don't have any serious problem with tooth decay but I have sensitive teeth. Sometimes, my teeth tend to twinge when I eat or drink hot/cold food. After using it for a week, I can somehow feel that my teeth are less sensitive toward cold ice, sweet snacks, and hot food.  I guess the toothgel works well on me and I will continue to see how it improve my gum and teeth. However, as it focuses on dental sensitivity and gum care, I don't really see any major changes in term of the whitening effect. Hoping that it can have another formula specialised for teeth whitening in the future!

SensiLacer toothgel is suitable for daily use and it is recommended to be used every time after your meal by brushing from the gum to the tip of each tooth to protect your teeth from bacteria growth and improve breath. Besides, it can be used for quick pain relief by applying a small portion of the toothgel on the sensitive teeth and massaging it for a few seconds.

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Say NO to sensitive teeth!

By Mona Liew

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