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  • SensiLacer solved my teeth sensitivity within 1 week!

Do you experience any tingling sensation or pain on your teeth when having cold or hot beverage?

If yes, most probably you are facing tooth sensitivity issue! Faster rescue it before it’s too late! It might be a sign of tooth cavities and decay, oh no!

I am not aware with my tooth sensitivity issue before this, until my friend who was studied in Spain before, recommend Sensi Lacer to me after I told her I always felt teeth pain when I had cold drinks! After apply for a week, my tooth sensitivity problem solved! I can have my favourite sweet and cold ABC Ice Kacang now without worries about my teeth getting sensitive to the cold stimulation, hurayy! I immediately online purchase another two after the first purchase!

New purchase Sensi Lacer is on my hand now, satisfied with the fast delivery! 


One thing I love the most about Sensi Lacer, you can apply directly on the affected sensitive teeth and gums without need to brush through, it’s easier for everyone even without toothbrush with you! Sensi Lacer toothgel contains active ingredient which is the Potassium Nitrate which able to depolarizes the nerves, which protecting it from discharge which stimulate the pain sensation. Sensi Lacer suitable for daily use and have a soft mint flavour which leave refreshing sensation in your mouth and don't worries about mouth odour.

One tube of SensiLacer contains 75 ml of toothgel.

Besides the strong desensitizing effect Sensi Lacer amaze me, the gluten-free characteristic of this toothgel also one of the biggest reason why this toothgel should be your daily use toothgel especially for those who are concern about gluten-free daily use products.

Gluten is a type of protein which found commonly in typical food ingredients, such as wheat, barley, spelt, and rye. The protein also hidden in daily oral care and skincare products, gluten used as a stabiliser, binder or thickener in toothpaste.

According to Mayo Clinic, for those have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder which prevents the body from absorb the nutrients containing gluten into the body, the uneasily digestible gluten will irritate digestive tract and triggered the immune response which cause the inflammation on intestinal lining and potentially damage the small intestine.

The side effect of intake gluten-contained ingredient might develop symptoms such as bloating, abdominal cramping, nausea, diarrhea and constipation. But with Sensi Lacer which is completely gluten-free, for those having gluten intolerance symptoms, you definitely do not have this concern!

Sensi Lacer is Gluten-free and don’t worries even if you accidentally swallow it.

I do not have any idea about Lacer brand oral care products until my friend recommend me this product. At first, I tried to search the product online but no much results in English found due to this product is originally from Spain therefore my friend is a big helper! She is my personal translator for all the Lacer product description which is in Spanish! Appreciated and gracias!

We manage to found some Lacer reviews in Spanish language from the users. Let have a look!

★ Review from the Sensi Lacer user

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Secondly, I chose Lacer Blanc Plus from Lacer because, for 5 years now I have been using your toothpaste for sensitive teeth, Sensi Lacer and ... what can I say? Well, in 5 years I have not change toothpaste :) It really completely eliminates tooth sensitivity (or anesthesia, hehe) and it worked great for me. I recommend it.

Lacer product also list in SEPAMECUM which is a product search engine of oral hygiene SEPA. SEPA is awarded to oral care products which have scientific proven to support their effectiveness in the proposed indications. The studies will be evaluated based on evidence to establish their quality and value.


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