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  • [ Review ] Hello my angels ❤ Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask Plus

Hello my angels 

I am sure we all like to pamper ourselves with a good face mask every now and then. Since I have dry skin, I love having a nice mask session in my skincare regimen every few days to keep my skin hydrated. I am quite picky when it comes to skincare due to my skin is very sensitive.

Today I am going to review the Le Shenz Moisturising Pearl Mask Plus from PM.Mii and let's see how it performs on my skin. Shall we :D

Before we get started, what is PM.Mii? PM.Mii stands for "Personal Message, My Ideal Items". PM.Mii is an online shopping website that founded in 2018 by 3 young ladies, 2 Taiwanese and 1 Malaysian. Although they are a small team, they have a great passion. They are an international and multicultural team from all walks of life.

They sold a variety of products, from lifestyle to beauty and wellness. The moisturizing pearl mask plus is the one that caught my attention. So let's get started with the review :)

The packaging of the Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask Plus has an ocean-y blue color with a reflective finish to it. The box is sturdy and surprisingly it didn't get any damage during delivery, not a single dent! I find it very satisfying to see undamaged packaging hehe!

You can find all the information at the back of the box. From the ingredient list to the benefit of the pearl mask. What makes the Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask Plus unique is it contains 7 key essences:

* PEARL : Rich in elements, contains more than 10 kinds of essential amino acids, trace elements, and calcium.

* CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA : Effectively repair sensitive skin, reduce skin rash and facial redness, adjust uneven skin tone.

* ROSA CENTIFOLIA : Obtain organic certification by the EU. With anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

* OPUNTIA STREPTACANTHA : Natural produce unique moisturizing molecules as grown in the dry desert.

* SOPHORA FLAVESCENS : Rich in herbal nutrition, can help to balance skin nutrition.

* OPHIOPOGON JAPONICUS : Enhance the skin resistance, ease sensitive skin, moisture and delay the effect of aging.

* CAMELLIA JAPONICA : Moisturizing, soothing and smoothing skin, reducing inflammation and wrinkles.

Due to the polluted environment and unhealthy lifestyle, including poor eating habit, lack of physical activity as well as stress from work and etc, all of these can accelerate the process of skin aging and slow down the body's metabolic rate, it's called Free Radicals. The essential amino acid and trace elements in pearl are useful in building collagen, which can repair, regenerate and brighten up our skin.

The Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask Plus comes in a box of 3 pieces.

The sheet mask has a diamond weaved pattern to it if you look close enough. Unlike other sheet masks in the market. It is made from an exclusive patented carbon-fiber. Hence, the sheet mask is very comfortable and ventilated when it's on my skin. It has 13 times water absorption with the moisturizing and locking water feature, great moisture retention.

The pearl mask is very "juicy", full of essence packed inside until the essence keeps dripping off to my neck when I first apply it haha! Without wasting any essence, I apply it on my arms as well with the extra essence.

The sheet mask is very thin and light, very comfortable. It adheres to my skin wonderfully as you can see. It doesn't feel stingy or itchy at all thanks to all the awesome ingredients.

Although the instructions there stated you may leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, I usually remove the mask after 10 minutes only, a maximum of 12 minutes. I like to remove my mask earlier than they recommended cause I don't want the mask to dry out and has the opposite of the intended effect.

My skin feels refreshing and well hydrated after the mask. I did notice that the redness of my skin does reduce and my skin felt so smooth!

Another great benefit of this moisturizing pearl mask plus is that they adopt the 4 new concepts of skin health :

* Fluorescent Agent Free
Fluorescent agents are not easily decomposed, but accumulate in the body and reduce human immunity.

* Synthetic Fragrance-Free
Synthetic fragrances may cause irritation or inflammation of the skin. Leading to an allergic reaction, a serious condition may even lead to skin ulcers. Hence, I strongly differ from having fragrance in my skincare.

* Hormone Free
Long-term use of hormone-added products may cause dry skin irritation, thinning of the stratum corneum, pigment precipitation, large pores, and even erythema or redness.

* Alcohol & Mineral Oil Free
Alcohol evaporation will take away the skin moisture, drying the skin and accelerate aging. This is the second ingredient I strongly differ from. If you have dry skin, this is the one that you really should avoid from your skincare.
As for mineral oil, acne-prone babes should really avoid any mineral oil in all cost! It will block the pores metabolism, and cause the skin unable to breathe and excretion normally.

Overall, I really do recommend Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask Plus to everyone, especially for Acne-Prone skin babes, Dry skin babes, and Sensitive skin babes. You may purchase the mask from PM.Mii. Click the link below to access the direct link to the website.

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